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Less looking, more finding.

We’ve all been there: you know you have a file, but you have no idea where it is. If it’s a paper document, you grab a coffee and start sifting through several file cabinets. If it’s a digital document, it could be anywhere (on a computer, in someone’s email, on a shared drive or thumb drive, etc.   Your file is either lost or it’s going to take more of your time to find it.

With PaperStore, this doesn’t happen – our digital filing system retrieves any file quickly, even if you remember just a portion of its name or contents. Imagine searching for a file based on this little bit of information across your entire organization… and having it pop right up. That’s how PaperStore works. It finds tiny needles in very large haystacks. Instantly.

PaperStore is document management made easy.

Learning new software is no fun — that’s why we designed PaperStore to be easy-to-use.  If you’ve used Microsoft Office, you’ll be able to use PaperStore. We’ve matched the UI of PaperStore to the look and feel of software you’re already using, which means we’ve eliminated the first big roadblock to learning new software.  It also works with your existing scanners and other input devices.

You can view any file type.

If you don’t have the software to view a specific document, no problem. PaperStore allows you to view over 400 file types, whether you have the native app on your PC or not. Having PaperStore on your side means never again having to say “I can’t open it”.  PaperStore takes file conversion out of the equation.

Automation business processes.

PaperStore comes fully equipped with workflow designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate your everyday business process functionality.  This ensures that your organization is running like a well-oiled machine. With PaperStore, you can automate the collaborative tasks you do on a daily basis so you can work with multiple departments, vendors, and partners effortlessly. When a file enters any workflow, automated emails can notify any user to let them know it’s their turn to step up to the paperwork assembly line. The time saved will be off the charts.

Workflow will take it from here.

Our workflow process keeps a list of items assigned to you within the system. Did you remember to authorize that purchase order? Did you remember to file it? PaperStore has that information at all times and it never forgets.  Imagine a workflow where you simply drag an expense report to a folder and it’s automatically routed through to appropriate individuals to approve, authorize, process a check, and file it away with no effort on your part.  You can track its progress at any stage.

That’s the power of PaperStore workflow.  Automated document and content workflow is guaranteed to improve your organization’s productivity, flexibility, accountability, and service-response times.

See content only relevant to your department.

Looking at your company’s folder structure on a shared drive or sifting through records department data is a ridiculously torturous process. Each drop-down is a catacomb of irrelevant subfolders upon subfolders. Does it ever end?  Yes!  It ends with PaperStore file organization. Each department can limit what it sees to what it wants to see – the files that are relevant to them. This saves time (and sanity).

PaperStore just makes sense.

PaperStore keeps all of your organization’s content in a digital file cabinet – a structure you’re familiar with – and we’ve removed the hassle of file indexing.  Store your files any way you like, and PaperStore takes care of the rest.

File organization leads to office organization.

PaperStore allows you to start managing your files at any level of your organization.  Work your way from the ground up and regain the office space you’ve been needing.  With PaperStore you’ll be on your way to an improved work-friendly environment.  You will enjoy greater efficiency with better file organization, and more space for more productivity.

Security Your content belongs to you—not anyone else.

One of the most important aspects of document management software is the ability to keep all of your content and files secure. PaperStore provides services within major industries that demand the utmost security – we take that responsibility seriously no matter the size of your organization.

PaperStore allows you to assign permissions to users based on their specific job requirements. That means the marketing guy won’t be opening a folder filled with a bunch of confidential human resource documents. There are very practical reasons for this secure file sharing, and PaperStore’s security parameters exist to save you time as well as ensure that no one is looking at files that they shouldn’t be.

There’s no cracking PaperStore.

PaperStore’s WebDocs utilizes 128-bit encryption to ensure your documents and files are kept out of the wrong hands. Some content management systems might store your information in its native format which means anyone could locate where your data is stored and access it, or maybe worse, delete it. This can’t happen with PaperStore. 

Your files remain in their native format which means they’re always ready to be accessed by you or someone else with the proper security credentials.

Audit Trail.

Not knowing who made a crucial change to a file, or finding that content has been deleted, can be a nightmare. That’s why PaperStore tracks every single move made within the system – and every single version of every file can be saved. This means you get full visibility into and full accountability for your entire organization – and it’s all taken care of behind the scenes.

Share files and documents safely and securely. All files and documents within your PaperStore system are protected securely which makes them sharing them with others in your organization easier and worry-free.